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MedNow offers dramatically improved services for occupational healthcare and workers compensation. We offer a complete range of services for your business and your employees, including injury treatment, follow-up, pre-placement and post-offer testing. Our full-service immediate care facility is conveniently located, with the extended hours you need and the turnaround time you expect.

MedNow is locally owned and operated by Dr. Mark Newton, M.D., a board certified emergency medicine physician. He is committed to delivering a higher level of prompt, personal and professional care with a focus on returning employees to work quickly and in good health.

Timely reports & information

MedNow offers fast, thorough reports that outline the physician’s assessment and explains the long-term process. Dr. Newton is also readily available to answer questions, discuss prognoses and tailor our resources to your occupational needs.

Employer Service Overview

MedNow Urgent Care offers quick and convenient care for your employees at up to two-thirds less cost than sending them to an emergency room. This can benefit your bottom line (or your insurer’s bottom line) tremendously while providing your employee with excellent, documented care, and a speedy return to work.

Working with Employers

We will take the time to establish a relationship with employers and document their instructions with regard to worker’s compensations injuries, such as return-to-work policies, light-duty programs and drug policies. We keep this information on file and work with the employer and the injured employee to ensure the appropriate information is communicated.

Equipped to Handle Emergencies

Our professional staff, extended hours and wide array of services (such as medical care, x-ray, pharmacy and laboratory services) enable us to handle most work-related injuries quickly and efficiently. Since all of these services are provided under one roof, this translates the cost savings for employees, employers and insurers.

We Would Like to Build a Relationship

Although employees are welcome to visit us at any time without an appointment, to achieve the most benefit and cost savings from our employer services, we would like to establish a direct relationship between our billing department and your company. Please contact us for further information.

At MedNow, We Offer the Following Services:

  • Urgent Injury Care – MedNow specializes in treating non-emergency injuries and illnesses sustained in the workplace.
  • Specialist Care – In case of serious injuries, MedNow consults with adjusters before recommending a specialist (Orthopedics, Neurologist, Ophthalmologist etc.) to treat and manage serious injuries.
  • Alcohol and Drug Testing and Screening (Substance Abuse and Monitoring Services) – Drug testing has become an important part risk control for many companies. We offer 5 and 10 Panel drug screening with results in 24 hours.
  • Physical Examinations – We perform physical examinations related to employment and any other associated specific examinations from the employer.
  • Pre-Operative Medical Clearances – We can provide pre-operative medical clearances, which consist of Complete Blood Count (CBC), Complete Metabolic Panel (CMP), Chest X-Rays, EKG’s, and any other labs indicated per physician.
  • Pre-placement/Post Offer Testing – Through a series of tests, our staff can help you identify candidates who can safely meet the critical physical demands of a particular job and avoid inappropriate placement of candidates. Tests include drug screening/alcohol testing, physicals, lumbar spine x-rays, chest x-rays and pulmonary function testing.

The Benefits of Using MedNow for Your Occupational Healthcare and Workers Comp Needs:

  • Availability – No appointments are necessary but adjuster’s authorization is required prior to doctor’s examination. However, we are open 7 days a week for the convenience of immediate medical attention and without any appointments. In conjunction with our services, we continue to work with the employer and the adjuster regarding medical coverage guidelines.
  • Time – MedNow understands that an employee’s time away from the job can be crucial to your company’s productivity. For that reason, we place a lot of emphasis on getting your employees seen and back to work as quickly as medically possible.
  • Communication – Adjusters are notified immediately upon completion of medical services and recommendations regarding work status via fax or e-mails. Our physicians and staff are constantly available for phone consultations, questions and answers regarding workman’s compensation.